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Joanna Krupa Topless Being Fondled Poolside Bikini Candids In Miami

Here is Joanna Krupa wearing only her bikini bottom while going for a topless swim in a pool at her beach house in Miami. These Joanna Krupa topless candids are awesome but if that wasn’t enough she is also being fondled by some guy with his finger vaginally or perhaps anally. The model and Real Housewives of Miami star seems to have misplaced her top and her fiance Romain Zago seems to have misplaced something in Joanna’s ass. And he is sure trying his best to get it back with his finger. Anyway, this woman should never put a bikini top on again. Those nipples look very nice… Now if we can only work on getting her to ditch the bottoms too. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Miranda Kerr Double Boob Slip During Sexy Photoshoot

Here is Miranda Kerr experiencing a serious double boob slip wardrobe malfunction while on the set of a swimsuit photoshoot in Miami last week. And as you can see it wasn’t her face that stole the show during her this photo shoot. Miranda Kerr may be used to showing off her sexy body but even she must not have expected the double here when her black sweater slipped and exposed more than even she may have accounted for this shoot. The Australian supermodel unwittingly exposed both breasts while working on a Kora Organics campaign photoshoot. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel looked surprised but not too bashful when her top accidentally fell down exposing her boobs. The paparazzi did a great job capturing this nipple slip that turned into a double boob slip. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Aida Yespica Topless In Miami Candid Beach Pictures
Here is Venezuelan beauty queen, show girl and Italian television personality Aida Yespica bringing her international topless sexy to the beaches of Miami last week. So it is officially that time of the year again when chicks from Europe escape to Miami to show off their tits. Kicking things off this year is Aida Yespica, who was topless enjoying some fun in the sun and showing off her sexy ass in thong on the beach when the paparazzi snapped these candids. The South American show girl seems to have fully recovered from her pregnancy. Perhaps she has still have a few extra pounds (judging from the pics), but she still look gorgeous.

Anyway, according to many tabloids her relationship with Italian footballer Matteo Ferrari is on the rocks again, but the naturalized-Italian show girl, who became famous almost overnight on the Italian version of celebrity survivor, has denied these rumors. She told reporters that they did go through very difficult times, but that’s over now. She added she loves him more than ever. But one thing we know for sure is that the former Miss Venezuela really love Miami judging from the way she is showing off her boobs there… and by her “I ‘heart’ Miami” hat. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Wiki Bio


Aída María Yéspica Jaime (Spanish pronunciation: [aˈiða maˈɾia ˈʝespika ˈxaime], born July 15, 1982 in Barquisimeto, Venezuela) is a Venezuelan beauty queen and model. Aida Yespica Jaime moved to Milan, Italy to start her modeling career back in 2003. She has become a big star in the Italian entertainment business and has graced the covers of multiple magazines including GQMaxim. Aida appears regularly in Fashion TV and RAI doing photoshoots, fashion commercials or as a presenter. She is the girlfriend of footballer player Matteo Ferrari and they have a baby boy, Aron, born on November 27, 2008.

Claudia Galanti Bikini Double Boob Slip And Nipple Slip Again And Again In Miami

Here is Claudia Galanti having trouble keeping her boobs under her bikini while on a beach and taking a dip in Miami. This chick is totally unable to keep her big tits under wraps… Claudia Galanti was on a never ending holiday on beaches around the world and these pics are from her over three month long stint in Miami starting last year to about March this year. It was just another day and the Paraguayan model turn Italian TV personality was showing off her toned ass and body in her tiny bikini. Then the showgirl had problem with bikini on vacations… Her big boobs slip out of bikini, while she was in the water. Yes the almost mythical double boob slip. Oops, and then she slipped a nipple all over again after recovering from the first. Her big boobs are great complement her fabulous body but her bikini top was unable to cope with the added mass. On another day the paparazzi caught her revealing some boobs when she was changing her bikini top. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Danielle Sharp And Friends Topless

Here are Danielle Sharp and friends topless “Trick or Treat!” photos for FRONT magazine Oct 2012. By the way, just in case you did not know Danielle Sharp is the one with the really yummy boobsEnjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.


Holly Friends And Friends Go Nude In

Right here is Holly Friends butt naked with India Reynolds, Emma Glover and Nicole Neal offering help in “The Naked Issue” photoshoot for Nuts journal. And these outtakes and photographs from your problem are very hot… Holly Friends and buddies are showing off their nude bodies and huge boobs but do make an effort to protect a spectrum in their modesty by utilizing their hands in certain photographs and attractive lingerie in other people. Download back links for these photos supplied below. Enjoy! Click on on images to enlarge.

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